Our Services

We offer professional services for your transcription needs. Simply upload the files and leave the rest to us
General Transcription
This involves a wide variety of transcription services, including oral history transcription, interview transcription, seminar transcription and similar
Captioning & sub-titling
We provide time synchronized and high quality captions for your requirements, be it Movies, Music videos, Chat shows, Interviews, Educational
Legal Transcription
We have dedicated transcriptions for the realm of legal procedures to provide the quality services of court recording, court cases
JMS Transcription provides fast, affordable, 100% human-generated translations by native speakers around the world.
Business Transcription
We are experts of delivering accurate business transcription services. Time and money are crucial for your business and to meet your schedule and
Time-stamping is a process applied for making transcripts sync with time codes appearing over the screen or as per clients
Medical Transcription
JMS Transcription gives Medical Transcription Services to doctor's facilities, multi-claim to fame centers, doctor practices and social insurance
Data Entry & Segregation
Data entry and segregation services deal with processing of significant data and information through outsourced data entry service


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You Upload

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  • Upload your voice files to our secured server
  • Select deadline
  • Select service details
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We Transcribe

  • Trained US-based transcriptionists transcribe your files
  • All transcription is done by humans; no machine transcription
  • Every file goes through a quality check prior to approval
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Get Document

  • You are notified when the transcript is ready.
  • You pay and get the transcript by email or download it from your account – YOUR CHOICE!